Our Mission 



Problem: The for-profit healthcare system leaves behind millions of working class people and inflates costs so that insurance companies and their shareholders can profiteer off of sick and desperate people.

Solution: Single-Payer Universal healthcare, establishment of public hospitals and doctors offics as an alternative to capitalist healthcare

Why: Provides equal coverage; ensures no one is left out; lowers costs per capita in every country where it's done/most cost effective solution. We spend more than TWICE as much per person as Canada and the UK, but we don't live as long and fewer of our kids make it out of infancy. We owe it ourselves to do better. 

Tuition-free College

Problem: Education is supposed to be a ladder up the social scale that increases the value of every human being's work; yet to emerge saddled with debt slows economic growth and unnecessarily burdens student graduates.

Solution: Capital-gains tax-funded universal public college and graduate education; funding of trade schools

Why: Cost effective because cuts out profiteering incentives of loan-sharking banks; empowers individual citizens and removes barriers to access for working class families; makes sure every qualified child gets a college degree; Trade schools are needed to educate and empower the working class for direct economic training. 

Repeal Citizen's United and Struggle Against Capitalist Parties

Problem: Unfettered corporate and billionaire donations – dark money – corrupt our democracy and remove our politicians from their accountability to the working class. Every politician will respond to the economic class that funds their elections – in both the Democratic and Republican parties, that is currently the wealthy and shareholder-class. 

Solution: Repeal Citizen's United and remain vigilant against continuing encroachments by backing only candidates funded by and for the working class

Why: Cannot count on the wealthy to care about the working class just like you can't count on rich parties to really fight for working class issues. Democrats always sell out working people to the banks because they are funded by the bankers – that is how class interest works. 

Green Jobs and Infrastructure: 

Problem: Climate change and America's crumbling infrastructure represent two sides of the same issue – a crumbling, fossil fuel-based economy that puts short-term profits ahead of long term concerns. At the same time, millions of people are unemployed and have given up looking for work in an increasingly automated job market. 

Solution: Multi-billion dollar green jobs bill to re-build America's bridges, roads, and highways at the same time we construct a nation-wide renewable energy infrastructure to power this country in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way. 

Why: It is not enough to simply demand an end to fossil fuels, or to wait for green capitalism to catch up to the needs of the country. We must provide the economic jump-start to the green energy revolution in order to keep up with countries all over the world. 


Problem: Unions are a key safeguard against the encroachment of their bosses against their rights. The federal restrictions on union growth and the weakness and vacillations of union bureaucrats represent dual challenges that must be overcome.

Solution: Reform the NLRA in order to provide speedier and more just recourse to workers; empower rank and file workers to fight for union militancy against complacent and collaborationist leadership

Why: Working people must have class-based associations that empower them to understand their own interests and to fight for them. 

The Federal Reserve

Problem: The Fed is an important economic institution that is largely unaccountable to the American people. The indirect appointment of the Fed Board is undemocratic and provides private banking with an obscure, convoluted mechanism to control the economy and tilt it to their advantage.

Solution: Audit of the Fed and direct election of the board of directors

Why: The American people deserve full control over their money supply.

Off-shoring Jobs

Problem: Off-shoring jobs occurs so American companies can profiteer off lower standards of living and laxer regulations overseas; essentially Americans lose jobs so companies can more ruthlessly exploit workers and the environment in other countries. 

Solution: A social tariff on countries with sub-American standards of labor and environmental regulations proportional to the degree they fall short

Why: It is not fair for companies to travel between borders when workers cannot; they are put at a fundamental disadvantage. 

Right to Privacy

Problem: Government war on terror has eroded faith in the government's ability due to repeated instances of unethical surveillance of our texts, phone calls, and social media messages.

Solution: Restore 4th amendment protections and apply to all electronic communications; promote personal use of VPN & encryption

Why: The right to privacy is one of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the 4th amendment; the government has already proven itself untrustworthy and must be limited in their efforts to monitor their citizens. 

Women's Rights

Problem: The effects of a sexist society and a non-intersectional feminism have damaged both women and their ability to obtain economic justice and liberation. Unlike most developed countries, we do not offer guaranteed maternity leave or publicly subsidized birth control. 

Solution: Unions and politicians must fight to protect women in the workplace and enforce equal pay for equal work; 9 months of fully paid, federal parental leave that can be used by either parent; universal healthcare includes full reproductive coverage

Why: Truly Christian and humane thing to do is to protect women equally and in order to that, we must recognize it is time for patriachal historic norms to be combated and eliminated. 

Gun Control

Problem: Economic restrictions, the stigma around receiving mental health care, and the cost-prohibitive nature of medical treatment leads to gun violence, not guns alone. Proper regulation and demilitarization of the police force will result in less violence in our streets. 

Solution: National background check system; civilians should be equally well-armed as the civilian police; funding for and possibly mandatory public gun safety training

Why: The American people are not safe if only the government is armed; the people have the right to defend themselves from others and the state; banning guns will not stop people from using them, it will only empower the criminal elements.    

Net Neutrality

Problem: The Internet was built on public funds and is a vital utility for thriving both mentally and economically in the 21st century. To allow corporate control over the flow of information represents a danger to everything that makes the Internet great. 

Solution: Guarantee net neutrality through legislation; introduce a bill to guillotine Ajit Pai live on Youtube; fight for a public broadband option so all areas will have access to a non-profit competitor

Why: The free flow of information is vital to a civil society. Independent and small content creators who cannot buy access into the fast lane deserve the chance to be heard and to grow without their access speeds being slowed.

The War on Drugs

Problem: The federal govenrnment fought a war on drugs, and the drugs have won. Addiction rates are higher and overdoses are a national epidemic. While POC have been disproportionately victimized, targeted, and incarcerated for drug crimes. 

Solution: Release all non-violent drug offenders from prison nation-wide. Create a "Victims of the War on Drugs" fund to help those people re-integrate into society. Treat addiction like a public health issue, not a crime. Decriminalize the use of all drugs and follow the model of Portugal by investing in addiction centers and treatment, not incarceration. 

Why: We need real solutions to the pain and suffering addiction causes to the American people, not moralism about drug use. We need to minister to sick people, not punish folks who are already suffering

Endangered Species

Problem: We are losing valuable species faster than ever before. Endangered species must be protected and preserved in their natural habitat; many scientific advancements come from research on rare plants and animals; the health and beauty of the planet is a legacy we have a duty to leave to our children

Solution: Strong funding and enforcement of the EPA and Endangered Species Act; sustainable ecological management that encourages hunting and fishing in order to preserve stability; green economic development that protects and preserves rare wildlife and habitat; everyone should take personal steps to reduce our impact on the environment

Why: There is a strong reality that many beautiful species we have shared the Earth with will become extinct – our kids may never see a live rhino, tiger, or gray wolf. The indescribable value of life on our planet demands good stewardship.

Energy Independence: 

Problem: Depending on other countries for energy makes the United States less secure; depending on fossil fuels gives power to an oil industry with too much control over our politics and politicians; encouraging energy independence through renewables is the best way to create jobs and create the economy of the future

Solution: Tied in with the green jobs program; a heavy investment in solar and wind energy to create hundreds of new jobs in the district; to make the district 100% clean energy by 2030; re-focus oil subsidies to wind and solar companies

Why: With correct investment in solar and wind energy, we can achieve energy independence. With dozens of companies and new technologies popping up every single day, we must capitalize on American innovation in order to compete with other countries that are kicking our asses in solar, like China and Germany.