Bryan Kim is the only candidate running for Congress in the 53rd District who is refusing to take corporate money or Super-PAC donations. He is running as an independent to get money out of politics and build an American economy that benefits every working American. 

  Bryan Kim believes that higher education is a fundamental right that should be provided tuition and debt-free. He will introduce legislation to forgive all student debt and provide public university education across America. By taxing big banks and wealthy financiers, we can bring in hundreds of millions of dollars to invest in local universities like San Diego State and Grossmont college. 

  Bryan Kim believes that healthcare is a right guaranteed to all citizens – he will introduce legislation to build a federal public, Medicare-for-all plan that will allow working class people affordable, high-quality healthcare. In addition to direct coverage, a single-payer option will lower pharmaceutical drug prices across the country through its extraordinarily large buying power. 

  Bryan Kim believes that corporate campaign donations allowed by Citizen's United fundamentally undermine the spirit of democracy and the principle of a government by and for the people. He will introduce and fight across the country for a Constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizen's United decision and ensure working-class candidates and campaigns can compete successfully in political elections. 

  The time has come to take the power back from the wealthy, corporate interests who control both major political parties and put that power back in the hands of working people across America. We can build a peaceful, greener economy that works for all of us, if we have the courage to fight for it.