Bryan Kim for Congress



Welcome to the revolution,  

I am the only candidate running for Congress in the 53rd District who is completely grassroots funded -- that means no Super-PAC, no corporate, and no Party money. I am running as an independent to get money out of politics and build a country that benefits and empowers every working-class American. 

Donald Trump won the presidency by pointing out the obvious -- our political system is corrupt and our politicians care far more about their rich donors and special interests than they do about us. Bernie Sanders won millions of votes by reminding us that we are in a class war -- our politicians work for the wealth-holders, the owners of the Fortune 500, the multi-billionaires who own 39% of all wealth in the United States. Their personal gain is built on increased profits -- profits that come from cutting costs like the healthcare, social security, and solid wages that built this country into a vibrant economy. 

I don't think people and their needs are costs to be cut -- I think they are the only source of value outside of Nature itself. I think people deserve the full value of their work, and that those who have been making obscene profits for the last 20 years should pay their fair share and ensure a high standard of living that any civilized country should have. 

We need universal health-care -- we are the only industrialized nation without universal healthcare coverage. We need tuition and debt-free colleges and trade schools, so everyone has a path into the economy. We must protect and expand Social Security, so our parents and our children will have a roof over their head and money to live on, whether they can work or not.  

We are unstoppable, if we work together. Your money, time, and energy are invaluable to overcoming the corporate machine. Let's take this country back from the wealth-holding class and their political puppets today. 


Bryan Kim